Strong calls for global guardians

 作者:那驵     |      日期:2019-03-03 06:13:03
By DEBORA MacKENZIE in BRUSSELS Maurice Strong, the head of the Earth Summit planned for Rio de Janeiro this June, says one of the most important outcomes of the summit could be the formation of an ‘Earth Council’ of scientists and other experts. The council would commission studies and hold governments to account for their actions. Strong says it would be ‘like an Amnesty International for the environment’, pointing a credible finger at environmental wrongdoers and offering alternatives. Strong wants the council to commission scientific studies of the environment. ‘We need a body that can provide the best scientific and social insights for the UN and for governments,’ he says, The council could channel considerable funds into analysis and monitoring of the global environment, as well as increasing the availability of data to the public. Strong, in Brussels last week to discuss some of the decisions planned for Rio with the European Commission and trades unions, will not know until the summit is held whether heads of state will agree to create a watchdog for their own actions. Funding would have to be independent so that governments could not put pressure on the council. The Earth Council would then be able to name names in reporting on how governments are fulfilling their environmental promises. Strong says that he already has pledges of funding from private sources that will cover the cost of the council. This would make it unlike the UN agencies. Strong, who was the first chief of the UN Environment Programme, wants the Earth Council to be ‘blessed by, but independent of’ the UN. The UN cannot point fingers at its own masters, the governments that belong to it,